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Interview with Streams Of Blood done by Patrick posted on 2-19-17

Germany's Streams Of  Blood  return  with  their  third  full length "Allgegenwartig"  through  Folter  Rec.  if you  are  a  fan  of  fast black  metal  then  be  sure  to  buy the  bands  releases  and  merchandise.

Interview  with  Streams  Of  Blood   done  by   Patrick

1.Hails   how  is  the  new  year  starting  off  for you  and the  band? Please   introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

The new year just started as the last one – fucked up! Time was running rapidly, cause I fell behind with the album and so I had to finish songs and artwork until the 3rd of february 2017 while internally  we had some pretty devastating bad news. Anyways, in the end everything went fine with the deadline and the album went into pressing just in time.

2.You  all  formed    Streams  Of  Blood    in  2009   when  did you  all get the  idea to  start this  band?And  what  is the  current  line-up  of  the  band?

I myself formed the project in Juli 2009. It became a real band when Tavor joined shortly thereafter. During the following years the line-up changed multiple times, you may have a look at for the chronology (LINK).
The current line-up is fixed since 2015/2016 and is as follows:
Thymos – vocals, guitar
Wudur – guitar
Seroque – guitar
Solvex – bass
Terrorin - drums

3. Streams  Of  Blood   is  getting  ready  to  release  their  third  full length  "Allgegenwartig"  does  the  whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  process or does  one  member  usually  write everything?

Until this point I am composing the majority of the music on my own, later adding the drums during jam-sessions with the drummer.

4.What  are  some  subjects  the  band  wrote  about  on the  mew  release   "Allgegenwartig" ?

"Allgegenwärtig" is about the ever-present that surrounds the Band, and the dissonating insights they gain. About life and death, light and darkness, excesses and spirtuality. It is Streams of Blood's inner voices roaring from the abysses of souls, fed by the chaos of the worlds.

5.Allgegenwartig  is  the  bands  third  full length release  how  do you  feel  the  bands  music  has  changed  over the  years? And  who  are  some of  Streams  Of  Blood   biggest  influences?

The music changed  in the way that I more and more found my own style of expressing myself. Arrangements and compositions  became more thought out and coherent  compared to the old stuff. The major influence still is life, its darkness, and death.

6.Besides  the  upcoming  release  are  their  any  copies  of the  bands first two  releases  still  available ? Besides  the  releases  is  their  any other  merchandise  available  for the  readers  and  if  yes   what  is  available  and  where can  the readers  buy  it?

The first two albums , Ultimate Destination and The Descent to the Scource of Disorder, are still available  at a few shops and of course our own. So you may contact us, find them online or at the vendors of mostly german  concerts and festivals. But I know that the remaining stock is  limited and already running out. Merch like t-shirts, hoodies, patches and such is exclusively available  via the band's shop and at our concerts.

7.Does   Streams  Of  Blood    play  live  very  often  or  do you  prefer  working  in  the studio? What  have  been  some  of  the bands  most  memorable  shows over the  years?

We're playing like 10 shows on average per year. One of it especially stuck to my memory, it was the „Zeremonie der Schatten“ („Ceremony of shadows“) in 2016. Overwhelmingly intense show, the sound wasn't perfect, but the athmosphere of this evening was pretty unique, pure aggression and anger on stage and in the crowds. Another special moment was a gig in Arnheim – Netherlands, where we played a show prior to Mgla, Aosoth and DeusMortem. We had a short tour together with Deathrow and Ars Venificium through Belgium and the Netherlands at this time, and were lucky that the organizers managed to get us to play at this special occasion. Those days held great experience for all of us, and we met a bunch of bloody great guys!

8.Are  their  any  upcoming shows  or  tours  in  support  of   Allgegenwartig   if  yes   where  will  the  band  be  performing  and  who  are  some  bands  you  all  will be sharing the  stage  with?

We're having our record-release show on the 25th of february together with Angelcorpse and The Committee in Berlin. Followed by a local, smaller gig to promote the album once again on the same weekend. In april we'll be sharing the stage with Inquisition, and in june/july we'll be playing at Under The Black Sun in Berlin with acts like Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, In the woods, Corpus Christii and some more. We've got some more shows confirmed for 2016 as well as 2017, not only nationally,  but are not ready to release dates yet.

9.What  does  black  metal   mean  to you?

It is certainly more than only the music itself. It is a part of me that accompanies me every day, every second of my life. It gives incredibly much in a spiritual way, but it has also already taken incredibly much away from me. It is a double-edged sword, cannot be put in words any better.

10.Streams  Of  Blood   comes  out  of  the  German  black  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of  Germany's  black  metal  scene?

Its a big, wide spread and diverse scene. I'm not as active and interested anymore as when I was younger. But I had a great time in the 2000s, and I won't forget this ever.

11.Who   are your  all-time   favorite  German bands  and  are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the readers  should   check  out soon?

Accept, Bethlehem, Chaos Invocation, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Katharsis, Nagelfar and Sodom are all-time faves. I was very impressed by a recent release of an acquaintance, „Daubuz – In finstrer Teufe“.

12.Besides  bands  are  their  any  good  German  labels  or  distro's  you  feel   the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
Amor Fati, Blasphemy Halls, Folter Records, Ketzer Records, Iron Bonehead, Undercover Rec., W.T.C. and many more

13.Besides  working  and  playing  in   Streams  Of  Blood   do  any  of  the  members  currently  play  with  any  other  bands  or  solo  projects?

Nothing worth to mention in this context.

14.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

Thank you for your interest.

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Interview with Diabulus In Musica done by Patrick on 2-11-17

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  Spain's  Symphonic  metal  band   Diabulus  In  Musica  who  discuss  the  bands  new  release  "Dirge For The  Archons"  and  the  bands  past  and  future  plans.If  you  enjoy  extremely  well  written  and  performed  symphonic  music  check  this  band  and  the  new release  today.

Interview  with  Diabulus  In  Musica   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello   please  introduce yourself to  the  readers?And  at what  age did you  become  interested  in  playing  music?

My name is Zuberoa and I’m a singer, flutist and composer from Spain. 
Music is a very important part of my life since I can remember, so I couldn’t tell exactly. I come from a family of musicians and I’ve been singing my whole life. I started singing in the choir my mother conducted when I was a child. Then I started to study flute and guitar when I was 8 years old so I wasn’t really conscious about my capacity or not to do music. I think I realized that later, when I was around 20. I remember the first time I joined a band, I was 18 and a friend of mine convinced me to apply as a singer in a rock band. I didn’t want to because I was very shy, but the band convinced me. Until then, I just sang in choirs and studied music, but I had never thought about joining a band. My “metal” career started by chance. I just was a metal fan, but no more than that. Back then I was singing in a rock band and then a metal band (Dragon Lord) called me to record some choirs. They liked the result and asked me to join the band as main singer. This was my first contact with a metal band as a singer. After this I started to compose songs and then decided to found my own band and that’s how Diabulus in Musica was born.

2.When  did you  first  meet the  other  members  of  the  band  and  how did you  all  choose  Diabulus  In  Musica    as  the  band  name?

I met Gorka in Dragon Lord. He was the keyboard player. When The band split up I proposed him to start a new project. I had already written some songs that I showed to him. He liked the idea and we searched for new members. They were some other musicians friends we already knew. The lineup has changed since then (except for Gorka and me), but all the members are friends we knew from the local scene.
Regarding the name, it was me who chose it when I started the project. “Diabulus (or Diabolus) in Musica” is a Latin mediaeval word which means ‘the devil in music’. It was like that as they called the triton or the interval of the augmented fourth. The medieval ear was used to hearing perfect fourths and perfect fifths, (early music instruments are tuned different, in meantone tuning). The augmented fourth, being half-way between these two most common intervals, was about the worst discord imaginable. That’s why they thought that the devil was inside the triton.
The reason I chose this name was because of my music studies and my passion for Early Music. I studied classical signing but I’ve been above all focused in Historical singing. The name was perfect for us not only because of the meaning it has to me, but also because it sounds a bit dark, as our music sometimes. We like this ‘dark romantic aesthetic’ as well as Early Music (actually we have included these elements in our music more than once), so we thought Diabulus in Musica was the name that fit us the best.  

3.Diabulus  In  Musica    is  getting  ready  to  release  their  fourth  cd  "Dirge  For The Archons" how  long  did  it take  the  band to  write  the  music  for  this  release?Does  the  whole  band take  part  in  the  writing  process  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

It’s usually me who writes most of the music. In general, I write the whole song and then if the rest of the members think they can improve their instruments they do and if not it stays as it was. For this record, the rest of the guys have also written some tracks, generally riff structures, then it’s me the one who writes the vocal-lines and most of the “classical” arrangements. Gorka is the one who makes the job of a producer, deciding how the song works better and making the final structures. He usually works in the orchestral arrangements with me.
Anyway,  I love when the guys write some structures because it is always challenging to put the “melodic” elements in a base you haven’t done. I think it’s richer than making everything oneself. Besides, the guitar and bass-player come from the death metal and metal core scene, so that makes our songs even more interesting. I personally like very much that mix between those styles of metal and the symphonic part, so I hope we can work this way for more songs in the future.

4.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band  and  what  are  some  topics you  all  write  and  sing  about  on     "Dirge  For The Archons"?

It’s me who writes the lyrics. I talk about different topics, but there are some that I usually repeat: nature is always very present, psychology and philosophy as well, nowadays social issues and personal feelings are probably on my top. I sometimes use mythology as a metaphor too.
In the case of this album and its title, the Archons were the governors of a province in the classical Mediterranean world, but there is also a second meaning to the archons. According to some cosmologic theories, they are an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications. In short, Archons here are representing control and mind manipulation over humans. With this title we claim for freedom and consciousness. The control systems (governments, multinationals…) are constantly playing with us and it seems we are not aware about it. 
Also, most of the songs in this album are talking about perception. We humans are limited by only five senses to perceive all we have around (a perception that can also be manipulated by other factors, here the Archons), but these five senses are just physical… And what about our spiritual condition? We are losing this capacity and I think that’s very dangerous and one of the reasons why the world is getting so scary. 

5.As  mentioned   "Dirge  For The Archons" is  Diabulus  In  Musica    fourth  release  how  do you  feel  the  bands  music  has  changed  over  the  years?

I suppose the music is more mature now. We have grown with the band and the band with us. When we recorded our first album, we just wanted to do something good and work hard to achieve a high quality result. We had our music in our minds, but mixing all those elements (orchestra, choir and metal) was not easy sound-wise. That was our main obsession back then. We could have never imagined that our first album would be distributed worldwide. We actually had never thought what would come later, but once we got signed we couldn’t stop making more music. We are very passionate about it and very restless: we always want to improve and learn more and more and that’s actually what we have been doing with all the releases. We do everything by ourselves (except the mixing and mastering), we work as composers, sound engineers, producers, arrangers… So we are very proud of all we have learnt and achieved through all these years. The  good thing is that we never get bored and we have always something new in mind that allows us to write more stuff and experiment with new sounds. I guess we will keep on evolving and trying to learn and search for new sounds in the future too.

6.Are  their  any  tours  or  shows  planned  in  support  of the  new  release and  if  yes  where  are  some  countries the  band  will  be  playing?

Yes! We are very excited about the upcoming tour. Our label mates Amberian Dawn and us, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we are starting an European tour This Friday 10th (February). We’ll play ten dates in UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

7.What   are  some  of your  most  memorable  shows  over the  years  and  who  are  some  bands you  have  shared the  stage  with?

There have been a lot! We enjoy live shows very much so each show is special. We love big festivals but also small club shows, as it allows us to have a more direct contact with the audience. One of the most special shows for us is the one we played last year in the main opera house of our city, with a full symphonic orchestra and big choir. We were 100 people on stage! One of our dreams came true because our music is conceived to be played that way, even if it’s not always possible to do so and we usually have to take the choir and orchestra recorded. It was fantastic!
We have shared stage with many great bands. We supported Manowar in Spain, Tarja in Belgium or Theatre of Tragedy in their farewell show in Mexico to name a few. Of course in metal festivals we have had the chance to share stage with many others: Doro, Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth, Lacuna Coil, Therion… 

8.Does  the  band  have  any  plans  to  make  a  video  for  any  of the  songs  off  the  new  cd?  If you  could  make  a  video  for  any  of the  bands  songs  which  ones  would  you  like to  see  made  into  a  video?

We recorded one for “Invisible”. I personally would have loved to make another one also for “Ring around Dark fairies’ Carousel”, but it should be a very special one. For this song I was inspired by D. Elfmann and Tim Burton films so I would love to make a video in that style. Of course that would be really expensive to do, so not possible for now

9.Besides  the  newest  cd   "Dirge  For The Archons"  are  any  of the  bands  past  releases  still  available  and  where  can  the  readers  buy  them?

Sure! Our three previous albums are available in Napalm’s store or in our website

10.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?

I personally have very little time as I spend most of it working on music. Apart from Diabulus in Musica I have my solo project (Zuberoa Aznárez, ambient-folk music) and the folk trio Dryades as well as my classical projects and teaching. My other passion is Nature. I really enjoy hiking, trekking and climbing, so when I have the chance I run to  the mountains. I also do natural soaps as a hobby. I like reading, yoga… In general I’m a very active person who loves to do quite a few bunch of things!

11.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time to  fill this   interview  out  do you   have  any  final  words  for the  readers?

Thanks a lot for the interest, it was a pleasure answering your questions. Thanks also to the readers for taking the time to read and we hope to meet you all on the road one day! Love, Zuberoa.

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New reviewes done by Patrick posted on 1-28-17

Here  are  some  new  reviews  for  you  all  to  read  and  hopefully  find  a  band  and  label  to your  musicial  interest.Keep  watching  Winter  Torment  for  more  interviews  and  review  blogs  to  be  posted  soon

Axis Of  Despair--Mankind  Crawls  7inch {Give  Praise  Rec.}
This  is  my  first time  hearing  this Swedish grind band Axis Of  Despair who  play  a  great  style  of  old-school  grind  mixing  in  both metal  and  hardcore punk elements.Each  song  is  fairly  short  and straight to the  point  with  violent  blast beast  and  crazed  guitar  patterns.The  vocals  are  raw  growls  with  some  gruff  screams  entertwined  into the music.If  you  are  a fan  of  old-school  grind  then  devintly  pick  up  Axis Of  Despair newest  7inch  today.
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Keitzer--Ascension  LP  {Give Praise Rec.}
Germany's  death  metal  masters Keitzer return  with  their  sixth full-length Ascension  getting the  vinyl  treatmeant  from Give Praise Rec.Ascension  features  twelve  tracks  vicious death metal  done  in  the  old  vein.The  guitars  are well  played  and  written with  crazed  guitar  patterns .The  guitars  are  played  with  a lot  of  speed  and  crazed  patterns  but  the  guitarist  knows  how to  write  and  perform  more  mid paced guitar  parts  and  some  solo's  mixed  into  the  music.The  vocals  are  raw death metal  growls  that  really  fit  this  bands  musicial  style.If you  are  a  fan  of  Germany's Keitzer or  a  fan  of  old-school  death  metal  then  be  sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of  Ascension  today.
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Naddred-Sluagh  demo  cassette{Invictus   Prod.}
Naddred are  a  new  band  who come  out  of  Ireland's  black  metal  scene.Sluagh  is  the  bands  debut four  song  demo the  band  plays  a  very  unique  and interesting  style  of  black  metal.Playing traditional  and  harsh black  metal  with  elements of  atmosphere in  a  few  of the  songs.The  vocals  are  harsh black  metal  screams mixed  with some  deeper growls  and  screams.If  you  are  a  fan  of  extremely tight  and  violent  black  metal  then  be  sure to  pick  up  Naddred's  debut  demo  today.
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Old-School death metal band Scalpture done by Patrick posted on 1-28-17

Here  is  a  new  interview  done  with  the  German  old-school  band  Scalpture  who  have  released  their  debut  cd "Panzerdoktrine  through  Final  Gate  Rec.  so  if you  are  a  fan  of  well executed  and  performed  old-school  death  then  be  sure  to  pick up  a  copy  of  Scalpture's  debut  today.

Interview  with  Thorsten   vocalist  of  Scalpture   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  please  introduce  yourself  to the  readers? At  what  age  did you  discover  metal  music  and  who  were  the  first  bands  you  listened to?

Hey Patrick!  My name is Thorsten (25) from Bielefeld, Germany and,  in this case singer of Scalpture! I think I started listening to metal when I was about 13. Besides some German hard rock bands my first encounters were with the classics like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Blind Guardian and (not so classic) Totenmond. The last one is a German band and without being able to describe their style they are just fucking sick!

2.When  did you  first  meet  the   other  members  of  the  band?And  who  came  up  with    Scalpture    as  the  bands name?

The three other founders of our band and me were all living in a rather small town named Detmold. I was about seventeen and was keen to sing in a Death Metal band since I became a big fan of Bolt Thrower and many other bands. Felix and I were friends for a while then and he was already a great guitarist at that time. After a while and a few drinks he finally admit to give the whole idea a try. Anselm admit to play bass shortly after and knew Max from school for the drums.

3.What  is  the  current  line-up   for  the  band and  for  the  readers  who  have  never  heard   Scalpture's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

At the moment we are lacking a drummer but recruited a second guitarist a year ago. So its Felix and Tobias on the guitar, Anselm still plays bass and I do the vocals. I usually say we play nothing less than Death Metal. Our lyrics solely deal with war while the music is often described as a mixture of Death Metal Classics like Dismember and Bolt Thrower.  

4. Scalpture    is  getting ready  to  release  the debut  cd "Panzerdoktrine"  through  Final  Gate Rec.  how  did you  all  come  in  contact  with this  great  label?

After we´ve published our EP Border Crossing on our own, we realised how stressful it is and how hard it is to make your mark. We tried to find a label which publishes our first full length album and we contacted a bunch. Fortunately Marco from Final Gate liked the EP we sent him and offered us to publish “Panzerdoktrin” via his Label.  

5.Does  the  whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  process  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

Actually Felix had been the musical mastermind behind Scalpture and composed all the music. Since we recruited Tobias we've got two great musicians who do the song writing and they interact perfectly. From the beginning on I was responsible for the lyrics. I believe I can perform better if I have written the lyrics on my own and the others were never really interested in texting anyway.

6.Thorsten    you  handle  the  vocals  for the  band  at  what  age  did you  start  growling  and screaming?Is  their  anything  special  you  do  to  keep your  voice and  throat  healthy?

I think my adolescent self started “singing” along with his favourite Death Metal bands in his room.    I´ve reduced smoking in the last few years as well as I try to practice quiet often, especially when I'm driving or showering.

7.Who  are  some  of your  influences  and  favorite  vocalists? Besides  the  vocals  do  you  currently  play  any  other  instruments  if  yes  what  do you  play?

I admire a lot of singers. Some because of ther "special" voice, for the authenticy, some for their great lyrics, some more for who they are. From Kurt Cobain or Lemmy to Karl Willets, Martin van Drunen or Chris Reifert there are plenty. I think as an inspiration for Scalpture especially those singers and bands play a part that play comparable music or have compareable lyrics.
Besides singing I sometimes TRY to play the guitar. This is more are spontanious outburst of pure overconfidence because I absolutely suck. My girlfriend would agree a 100%.

8. Thorsten  I  assume  you  write  the  lyrics  for the  band and  I  noticed  the  lyrics  are  based  on  war  when  did you  and the  band  start  writing  about  war? Are  their  any  wars  in  particular  that you  write  about?

Since we've started, for me war was the only topic I could write about. I have always been interested in history and wars. I study history by now. My “inspiration” comes from all modern conflicts. The song “Keiler” (boar) is the name of an actual German mine flail, while “Dam Busters” is dealing with the 617th English bomber squadron in WWII. Most of our songs deal with war on a more abstract level. Just to give some examples “Not a Single Step Back” is loosely connected to the Red Army's creed in Stalingrad, though the text does not really give a hint as it is the same with “No Rest, No Sleep, No Peace” which is connected to the Wehrmacht's practice giving some tank crews a preform of Crystal Meth called “Panzerschokolade” (tank chocolate). “Lead From Ahead” deals with the strategy of troop leading in the German  and other armies, while “Flattened Horizons” is actually an ode to tank howitzers in general.
However, our next Album is planned to be a concept album about a certain conflict...

9.Besides studying  and  reading  about  the  past  wars  are their  any  other  times in  history you  and the  other  members  of the  band  like to  read and  study?

Well actually we do not talk so much about history with each others. The texting is my job, which I do alone. For Panzerdoktrin of course I was interested in the tank-topic. So I was interested in period between the Second World War 'till today. Because of my studies I started reading a lot of individual testimonies from soldiers who fought in WW I. Especially the wartime experience and its influence on the soldiers and society are the main focus. Before that I studied on the pre modern  Denmark.

10.Does  Scalpture  get to play  "live"   very  often? Who  are  some  bands  you  all  have  gotten to  share the  stage  with?

Haha you are touching us on the raw buddy! We haven't hit the stage for more than one and a half year now. First I studied abroad in Sweden for a semester, then we entered the studio, then we parted from our drummer. We haven't found a new one yet but we plan to get back on stage in 2017 as soon as possible!
We mostly played underground shows with other underground bands so far. Just to mention our friends from Evoked here. Once we shared stage with Deserted Fear which was a great lesson!

11.Are  their  any  shows  or  tours   planned  for  2017  if  yes   where  will  the  band  be  touring  and  playing?

Right now there are no officially announced shows but we are planning a lot at the moment. If all works out we'll share stage with Evoked and Carnal Tomb from time to time.

12.When  not  working   on  band  business  or  new  music   what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?

Haha playing the guitar!  

13.Scalpture  comes  out  of  the  German  old-school  death metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of  Germany's  metal scene?

Germany's metal scene in general is pretty big. During the summer time you`ll find a whole lot of small and big festivals all over the country every weekend. There are hundreds of concerts every weekend you could actually visit. Like with every big scene the vast majority are pretentious idiots, I don't have much in common with and I don't like them. Still there are really great guys and girls and really cool bands making it worth being a part of the scene.  

14.Who   are  some  of your  all-time  favorite   German  bands  and  are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

There are a few I think. No matter how often I put on Sodom, Accept or Morgoth, they just don't get bad! If you ask me for more unpopular bands people really should watch out for...phew...there are!
First of all there are our home town friends from Wifebeater playing pure scum fuck rock n' roll!Then there are our friends from Evoked playing great real old school Death Metal an just got signed by FDA Records! There is Vulture (speed metal) as they will release their debute album in 2017. I like Cryptic Brood from Wolfsburg playing ugly doomy Death Metal and Carnal Tomb from Berlin and Deathrite from Dresden. Weak Aside plays great war Death Metal as well as Atomwinter.
Fuck there are so many god damn good underground bands! Listen to Bastard Grave from Sweden or Division Speed from Leipzig. I could do this for hours....

15.Besides   bands  are  their  any  good  labels  or  distro's you  could  recommend  to  the  readers? What  about  good fan  or  web-zines  you  like   to  read?

Haha of course our label Final Gate Records! There are some other good German labels like FDA Records, which simply has had a knack for picking awesome bands during the last few years as well as the rather new Testimony Records. I am actually not so much an internet guy and usually do not read any fan- or web-zines. Check out Timon Kokott Artwork who painted our Cover Artwork and our designed our shirts for instance.

16.Thank  you  Thorsten   for  taking  the  time  to  fill this   interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?

Thank you as well. I am not so much a guy for the famous last words though I like to have the final say. It might appear elegant to end with a quote. Some famous last words from Mr. Bukowski:

“‘I think I need a drink.’ ‘Almost everybody does only they don’t know it.’”

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Germany's Acranius interview done on 1-21-17

Germany's   Acranius   return  with  their  third  full length release  "Reign Of  Terror"  through  Rising Nemesis Rec.  So  if you  are  a  fan  of  brutal with  some  slam  parts  then  be  sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of  Acraanius   newest release  today.

Interview   with   Acranius   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello   please  introduce  yourself  to the  readers and  when  did you  start  listening to  brutal  death   metal?

Hi, I´m Björn, the guitarist of Acranius. First of all thanks a lot for the interview request…we really appreciate your interest in Acranius. I started listening to Brutal Death Metal in the age of 16 or 17 or so. I remember listening to the Waking The Cadaver Demo for the first time. This masterpiece blew me totally away and started the whole thing for me.

2.Who  were   some  the first  bands  you  listened to? And  who  are some  of your  current  favorite  bands in  the  scene today?
In the early days I enjoyed and still enjoy Abominable Putridity, Gorevent, Guttural Engorgement, Waking The Cadaver, Without Remorse, Pathology, Visceral Disgorge, Devourment, Cerebral Incubation, Ingested and other slammy stuff like that. But I really enjoyed straight death metal like Hour of Penance, Unmerciful, Inveracity, Disavowed and Severed Savior and some deathcore stuff like Oceano as well. My taste of music didn´t change that much so I´m still into this stuff and these are bands who influenced my style of writing music but I´m always listening to some good hip hop and hardcore as well.
In the moment I really dig the new stuff of Defeated Sanity, Jesus Piece, Shadow of Intent and Mass Infection. Really cool stuff you have to check if you´re into aggressive music!

3.When  did you  first  meet the  other  members  of the  band  and  who  chose  the  name  of the  band? Does  it  have  a special  meaning?

First of all I have to say that we started Acranius as a 2-man-outfit. My bassist Lars and me wrote the EP “The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest” and after the realese we searched for a singer and a drummer. The first rehearsel with a full line-up was in 2012 I guess. We had some changes in the line-up so we met Rob and Kevin of our current line-up 2,5 years ago.
I think Lars was coming along with the bandname in the beginning of Acranius and I was cool with the sound of the name and the meaning haha. An Acranius is a newborn without a cranial bone. LOL

4.Acranius   is  signed  to  Rising  Nemesis Rec.  the  band  has  worked  with this  label  for  many years  how  did you  all come  in contact  with this   label?
 Yeah I think we are one of the bands who are longest in the roster haha. The first contact was through the internet because Nasar wanted to sign us and the rest is history.
5.Acranius   is  getting  ready to  release  their  third  full length  Reign Of Terror   does the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

Mostly I write all Acranius-Shit and so I did for the new record. Lol

6.Who   usually  takes care of  writing the  lyrics  for the  band  and  what  are some  subjects  you  all  wrote  about  on   Reign Of Terror?

For “Reign Of Terror” our old vocalist and good Friend Tomm wrote the lyrics because he´s still close connected with the band and is pretty talented in writing shit.

7.Besides  the  upcoming  release  Reign Of Terror   does  the  band  have  any  of  the  previous  releases  available  for the readers to  buy? Besides  the  physical  releases  does the band  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for the  fans to  buy?

For sure…check our online store or the store of our label and get some shit.

8.What  have  been  some  of  the  bands  most   memorable  shows  over the  years?And  who  have  been  some  of your  most  favorite  bands to  share the  stage  with?

One of the greatest experiences for me personally were Las Vegas Deathfest and Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands. But honestly I enjoy nearly every show because I can share some great  moments with my best friends and this is something I´m really grateful for.
  There were so many great bands we really enjoyed to share the stage name some there are Cerebral Incubation, Ingested, Science Of Sleep, Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled, Candero, Carnal Decay, Slowly Rotten, Unfathomable Ruination, Euphoric Defilement, Iniquitious Deeds, Defeated Sanity and Unmerciful

9.Does    Acranius   have   any  upcoming  shows  or  tours in  support  of the  new  release  and  if  yes  where  are  some  countries  the  band  will  be  playing?

We have some single shows for the future but nothing special and no tour so far planned. When you check our facebookpage you won´t miss anything.

10.Besides  working  and  playing  in  Acranius  do  any  of the  other   members  currently  play  in  any  other bands  if yes  please tell  the readers  a  little  about  them?

Kevin has another Project called Slowly Rotten. Check them out…lovely guys and great music. I have a pretty new project as well called Hang Em High. This is a hardcore/Stoner Project with friends of my hometown.

11.Acranius comes  out  of the  brutal  death  metal  scene  in  Germany   what  is your  opinion  of  the  German death  metal  scene?

The german death metal scene is pretty good I guess. There are a lot of great bands and friendly people. Next to the death metal we also enjoy to be in the beatdown and deathcore scene as well. We see the whole thing as a big family.

12.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  German  bands  and  are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers   should    check  out  soon?
 Ufff this is a tough question but like I already named there are some great german bands like Candero, Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled, Slowly Rotten and Defeated Sanity…there are also some great beatdown bands like Abolisher, Spawn Of Disgust, Brawl Between Enemies,

13.Besides  bands  are  their  any  honest  and reliable  labels  or  distro's  you  could  recommend  to the  readers?

Hm I can´t really answer because I don´t have any contacts to other labels you know?! But I guess there are a lot of other great labels and distros!

14.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you  like to  do  in your  free  time?

When I´m not doing any kind of music I do my studies haha. No no to be honest I enjoy the simple things like hanging with friends, raping my Netflix-account and riding my bike. My second passion is collecting sneakers.

15.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

Thanks a lot for having me and keep an eye out for “Reign Of Terror” and keep supporting the underground. Cheers I´m out!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New metal reviews done on 1-17-17 done by Patrick

Hope  everyone  is  having  a  great  day  or  evening?  Here  are  a  few  new  reviews  that  has  a  little  from  all the metal scenes  so  hopefully  you  will find  a  band  and  label  to  your  liking.

Acranius--Reign Of  Terror  cd  {Rising  Nemesis Rec.}

This  is  my  first  time  hearing  this  German  brutal  death  metal  band.Acranius play  a  very  brutal  death metal  style  mixing  in  some  slam death  metal  parts.The  guitars  are  played  with  heavy mid  paced parts  but  also  knows  how to  write  and  play  more chaotic,fast  guitar  patterns.The drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  talent  and  experience  playing  a  mix  of  heavy  mid  paced  slam  type  of  drum  patterns.And  also  playing  faster and  more  violent  drum  patterns  that  really  fit  this  bands  musicial  style.The  vocals  are  deep,low death metal  growls if you  are  a  fan  of  the  mid  ninites to  early  200's  brutal  death  metal  then  be  sure to  pick  up  a  copy  of  Acranius's  newest  cd  when  it  is  released.
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Centrate--Ritual  digital  release {Self-released}
Centrate  play  very  intense old school thrash metal releasing  their  debut  Ritual.Featuring  ten  songs  of  aggressive and  violent  thrashing  mayhem.The  guitars  are  played  at  a  high  rate  of  speed  that  are  played  with  a lot  of  skill  and  knowledge.The  guitarist  does slow  to  a  mid  paced  speed  in  a  few songs  entertwined  within the  music  are  some  well  written  guitar  sections  and  solo's  mixed  in.The  drums  are  played  with  a  mix  of  patterns  going  from  an  all out  assult  on  the drum kit  to  a  more controlled  mid  paced  drum  pattern.The  vocals  are  harsh  raw  screams that  fit Centrate's  style  perfectly.If you  are  a  fan  of the 80's aggressive thrash  scene  then  be  sure  to  check  Centrate  today.
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Desecrate  The Flesh--Unholy  Infestation   cd  {Comatose  Music}
Texas  brutal death  metal   band  Desecrate  The Flesh return  with  their  second  full length  cd.Featuring  twelve  songs  of   brutal slam death metal.The  guitars  are played  with  a lot  of  power  and  skills  going  from  a  heavy  mid  paced style to  much  faster  and straight  forward  guitar  tone and  patterns. The  drums  are  played  in the  same  vein  with  a  good  amount  of  crazed blast beats  and  some  heavier  mid  paced  drums  mixed  into the  music.The  vocals  are  deep  death  metal  growls with  some  screams  mixed into  a  few  of  the songs.If you  are  a  fan  of  well performed and executed  brutal  death  then  be  sure to  pick  up  a  copy  of   Unholy  Infestation   today.
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Wrath From  Above--Beyond  Ruthless  Cold  cd {Apathia Rec.}
Wrath From  Above are  a  new  two  man  band  coming  out  of  the  French blackend  death  metal  scene. The  bands  style  is  extremely  violent  and  brutal  blackend  death  metal with  both  elements from  barbaric  black  metal  and  heavy  death  metal elements.The  guitars  are  played  at  a high  rate  of  speed  and  intensity  guitar  riffs.The  guitarist  does  slow  to  a  more controlled mid  paced  range  in  a few songs  before  going  extreme and  chaotic  patterns.The  drumming  is  done  in  the  same  vein  with   extremely fast  blast  beats  and  some  well  written  and  performed  mid  paced  drum  sections.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  vicious and  harsh  blackend  screams to  a lower  death metal growls.If  you  are  a  fan  of  mid  90's  barbarick  blackend  death  metal  then  be  sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of  Wrath From  Above newest  release today.

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Interview with Wrath From Above done by Patrick on 1-15-17

Here  is  a  new  interview  with   the  French  barbaric  blackend death  metal  band  "Wrath From Above"  who  are  getting ready to release  their  debut  "Beyond  Ruthless Cold"  through  the  label  Apathia  Rec.So  if you  are  a  fan  of  mid  90's   blackend  death  metal  that  is  well executed  and  played  with  violent  music  then  be   sure to  read  this  in-depth  interview  and  buy  the  bands  debut.

Interview   with  Wrath  From  Above  done  by   Patrick

1.Hails! when  did you  two  first  meet  and  was  it  long  before you  all  started  the  band? Who  came  up  with   Wrath  From  Above  as  the  name  for  the  band?

DM - Hails comrades ! Well, the first thing we can say is that the band does not have a regular history. At first Antar & me met by playing in the same Old School Death Metal Band (disbanded for the moment). But we kept contact as good friends and started having many other projects, along with our sound engineer, Korwent from Spearhead Sounds. One day, Antar was bored and said “Hey, doing Black Metal is easy as shit, I already made 4 songs, do somebody want to put vocals on an album ?” and so it began.

Antar - Yep, actually it was more because I got plenty of time due to my unemployment and I composed really quickly one third of the album (with a track that didn't made it to the final tracklist maybe a bonus in perspective). In fact we began to take the project more seriously with the next batch of songs (better ones) but everything was pretty quick in terms of writing… the rest was really not that fast !
The name was waiting in my head for the right project and no, it was never thought as an homage to Immortal.

2.I believe Wrath  From  Above   is  a  two  man  band have  you  ever  thought  of  adding  more  members to  play  live  shows  or  do you  prefer to  work  as a two  piece?

Antar - The fact that we are a two piece is not a choice in the first place, but finding competent musicians in our area that are free is a pain in the ass. Hopefully the first album will give us a bit of a reputation and we will have a real drummer for the next release. A session drummer or full time member, that we don't know yet, but future shows will depend on it. Bass on the album is played by a good friend living in a city near us so we just lack a good drummer and a second guitar (which is easy to find) for live settings.

3. The  band  is  getting  ready to  release  the  debut  cd  "Beyond Ruthless Cold"   how  long  did  it take  the  band  to  write  to the  music  on  this  release? And  for  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Wrath  From  Above   music  how  would  you  best  describe  the  bands sound?

DM - To write the music, maybe 2 weeks. To record it, 1 week. To re-record wrong parts, mix and master it, maybe 9 months. Music is so unfair. Describe the band in a few words ? Relentless Satanic Frost Assault ? Marduk, Infernal War, and soviets fighting Satan.

Antar - Truth is above. Songs are not so complex, they are really straightforward.  I like it but the project was never meant to go that far in the beginning. Next album will be the same in terms of violence but more technical, varied and personal (at least I will try to achieve that).

4.Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  music  and  what  are  some  topics  the  band  writes  about?

DM - I wrote the lyrics. Classified as secret files. Some historic true stories about when the demons joined the nazis a few years ago, you don’t want to know more about it.

Antar - Exactly. In life some things are better kept secret. We have all lived some events that gives meaning to this idea.

5.Besides  the  debut  cd  "Beyond Ruthless Cold" does  the  band  have  any  past  demo's  or  other  merchandise  available  for the  readers?If  yes  where can  the  readers  buy  your  merchandise?

DM - Not yet. For the moment, everything that could ever be released belong to Apathia Records.

Antar - We have just that one track that didn't made it to the record (first one written). It's weaker than the rest but we may give it as a bonus on bandcamp at some point.

6.I  believe  the  band  comes  out  of  France's  black,death  metal  scene  what  is  your  opinion  of  the  metal  scene  in  France?

Antar - There is a lot of band that we can be proud of in extreme metal (we listen mostly to all the genres under that name). Death metal, grindcore & blasting black metal (raw or polished it doesn't matter) for the most part. We just LACK THE AUDIENCE !

DM - By far too much serious posers. We live in Nantes and right there the Metal Scene is pretty strong and unified, but I used to live in Paris and it is absolutely devastating. Hipsters and stupid elitists Black Metalheads everywhere. We listen to Grindcore and Brutal Death before everything else, and the scene right here in France is in complete agony, the promoters are struggling as much as the new bands who do their best. We’ve got a shitload of awesome bands, but no recognition.

7.Who   are  your  all-time  favorite  French bands  and  are  their  any  new  French  bands you  feel  the  readers   should  check  out  soon?

Antar - Many french bands are worth a listen, especially in black metal. To me it's probably the only genre where we have some top tier bands musically speaking.  Of course DsO, Antaeus… go check Metal Archives, all this scene is more than 20 years now and is really incestuous.

DM - Hum… I really love the avant-garde, progressive and crazy Metal scene in France. My favorite French Metal Bands are by far Kalisia, SUP, Sortilège and Misanthrope. But we’ve got a really strong Black Metal scene, one of the most productive and intense in the world (Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Antaeus, Penissatan...).
To recommend new French bands, I’m recently digging the new material from Pryapisme and öOoOoOoOoOo, and the new albums from our friends Red Dawn, Nullentropy or Regarde les Hommes Tomber are really worth a listen.

8.Besides  bands  are  their  any  honest  and  reliable  labels  or  distro's  you  could  recommend  to the  readers?

DM - I used to order a lot on Comatose Music, Lavadome, Blast Head Records and Sevared Records when I was buying a ton of CDs per months. Now I usually order directly to bands via Bandcamp if I can because that’s how they get the better retribution, or buy in concerts / festivals.

Antar - I only buy Brutal Death Metal nowadays (raw and filthy one). Go check all the bands signed to New Standard Elite. Fuck fake drums in BDM.

9.In  your  opinion   what  does  underground  metal  mean  to  the two of you?

Antar - It means that we are poor.

DM - Nothing. Willing to be underground is as ridiculous as willing to be mainstream. Working hard should be rewarded, and not giving a shit is the best way of life ever.

10.Other  then working  in   Wrath  From  Above   do  you  currently  play  in  any  other  bands  or  solo  projects?

DM - Yeah. So much projects. We have many other albums pending with Antar and Korwent. Right now I’m playing in like… 5 or 6 bands. I’m doing the vocals with Helioss, a Melodic Death/Black project who will release its 3rd album March 24th, on Apathia Records too, and you should really check it.
Both of us are also playing in Gastropode, a full bass Goregrind act with no guitars, just a HM-2 Bass and 4 singers, and we released and album a few months ago, buy it please, we need moula.
I made a song with the Polish Dead Bread, and have an Old School Death Metal album to be released in the year with a dude from Egypt. And secret bullshit projects you don’t want to hear about (Paupiettes).

Antar - Actually I played, and will play, with friends in a lot of shitty projects too bad to mention (if curious go visit Garbage Tuesday Records facebook page or bandcamp). I'm also starting an ultra serious goregrind label called “One Shot One Kill Records”, where we will release album limited to one only copy (ever).
For the serious side hail Korwent from Spearhead Sounds that brought me a more professional approach and confidence about my music, so that my two first albums from different projects are both signed on competent labels. Lot of projects with this dude, in about every style I love, are incoming.

11.When  not   working  on  new   music  or  band  business  what  do  you  like  to  do  in your  free  time?

DM - Smoke crack, fuck bitches and suck dicks in festivals.

Antar - Snort speed. Listen to blastbeats over whatever riffs.

12.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill  this   interview   out   do  you  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?

DM - We despise you, but thanks anyway.

Antar - Time will come when you'll have to choose which side of the hammer & the sickle you are. Be prepared.